Alice Cooperativa Sociale is a not-for-profit cooperative, located in Prato (Italy), that has been providing a wide variety of high-quality social care services for older people, children, families, young people and vulnerable adults since 1979. Through social research and planning, the Cooperativa promotes qualitative innovation in local welfare systems. It is also committed to supporting the development of personal services and social integration/interaction processes as a resource and integral part of a territorial network of interventions that promote and enhance the autonomy and social and cultural wellbeing of citizens and the community in general. The primary objective has always been the creation of quality employment and the promotion of quality in work, both in terms of the employment of employees and the management of services.

ASEIS is an organization for employment and social integration which started in 2006. Since its inception, ASEIS has worked with people at risk of social exclusion in the province of Jaen, such as long-term unemployed persons, immigrants, women who have been victims of gender-based violence, young people, prisoners, and ex-prisoners. We carry out programs and work daily to increase the employability and raise awareness for the integration of these people who are in jeopardy of social exclusion.

Colour Youth – Athens LGBTQ Youth Community is the first and only youth-led LGBTQ organization to be founded in Greece (2012). Colour Youth, throughout its lifespan, has managed to establish itself as a responsible partner to both non-governmental and governmental institutions, despite all the problems that youth-led organizations face. Colour Youth is a LGBTQ youth NGO founded in order to provide a safe space for LGBTQ youth to better express themselves and assert their rights. It aims to form a strong youth community, support its members and assert their rights. Colour Youth also aims to raise social awareness regarding LGBTQ community ́s demands, apply institutional pressure for the modernization of the legal framework regarding gender identity and sexual orientation and create a strong youth community functioning as a shelter for every LGBTQ person.

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini is a network of change-makers. Our mission is to create real social impact and positive socio-economic progress across nations and cities. Empowered by a strong 50-year history and an unwavering belief in human potential, we strive to transform ideas into policy that paves the way towards better living for all.
To do this, we publish research and content with an aim to inform policy across Italy and Europe. We build programs for stakeholders, businesses, entrepreneurs and students to advance their ideas for innovation and progress. We bring our political, economic and social expertise to support institutions in their vision for development. And through it all, we are committed to starting new conversations about what it means to live inclusively in these challenging times.
In 2009, FGB launched the online magazine, inGenere, the first of its kind in Italy, dealing with the issues of gender equality from an economic and sociological perspective. To enforce gender equality and support gender mainstreaming in the public and private sectors, FGB has designed a Master Course in Gender Equality and Diversity Management, this year in its 12th edition since its launch in 2012, which is taught by diversity management, inclusion, and gender experts.

KMOP, founded in 1977, is one of the oldest civil society organizations in Greece, with extensive experience in supporting people through the provision of direct social services and the implementation of social initiatives. Over the last years, the organization has established international presence, being active today in 7 countries, and operating permanent offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Brussels, and Skopje. The organization is missioned to make a positive impact in society through innovative interventions and effective social policy design.

The University of Jaen (Spain) is a public institution that, through teaching, research, and knowledge transfer, offers a comprehensive education that combines responsible citizenship, professionalism, and a commitment to the sustainability of one’s surroundings, and adapts to the needs of a changing society via the creation, development, and dissemination of science, skills, and culture. It is a current and active University; with a great international projection which is strongly committed to society and its environment. The UJA team is interdisciplinary: Social Work and Social Services, Nursery and Psychology areas of knowledge.

Oxfam Italia Intercultura (OII) is a social cooperative and is part of Oxfam Italia NGO. It was funded in 2010. The objective of Oxfam Italia Intercultura is to promote social and cultural interventions for the inclusion and the active citizenship of the migrant, refugee and vulnerable population in Italy. The values of Oxfam Italy are connected to solidarity, justice, democracy, equity and human dignity. OII provides accommodation and social service for asylum seekers and refugees in accordance with the reception model foreseen by the Italian Ministry of Interior. OII also hosts unaccompanied minors in specific educative centre. OII is active in linguistic and cultural mediation services in many Tuscan cities collaborating with schools, hospital s and reception centres. All projects apply a gender perspective and work in connection with referral services for the protection of survivors.